Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Academic recall

If you went to Brown University, keep an eye on your mailbox. Soon you will be getting a recall notice for your education. Those with bachelors' degrees may perform remedial work at select institutions such as Hillsdale College. All those with advanced degrees will be lobomized.

Of course if you're from Brown University you might believe this. Why not? - apparently some of you believe we were carpet-bombing Fallujah.

So let me note that none of the above is true to my knowledge. But then I hear that I'm conservative, so can you really trust me?

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Close enough

Years ago I heard a joke that promised good news and bad. The bad news was that aliens had landed. The good news was that they excreted gasoline and ate [members of an unfavored minority group].

Who would have guessed we'd find something almost as good right here on Earth.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Recommended by abortionists

Years ago the "Seinfeld" series introduced us to the concept of "spongeworthiness". A man was "spongeworthy" if Elaine would invest one of her precious few remaining sponges on a date with him.

I didn't watch the show much, so I can't speak for Elaine's intentions. But I propose a new way to determine this. A man is "spongeworthy" if 1) he would make a good father, or 2) he'd be willing and able to pay for an abortion.
The overall 1st year failure rate, for women who have not given birth (nulliparous), is 9% with perfect use, and 20% with typical use. For women who have given birth (parous) the failure rate is 20% with perfect use, and 40% with typical use. [See also specific brand failure rates.]

If your partner uses a condom, the sponge's ability to protect you against an unintended pregnancy is greatly improved.
That last part is depressing, because condoms aren't exactly 100% effective either. Nevertheless, if the little squirt runs the gauntlet successfully you should sign him up for the Navy Seals.

There's more. After a long list of virtues we see that the sponges also introduce a "small risk of toxic shock syndrome" and an increased risk of transmitting HIV. Maybe we should add more criteria to "spongeworthiness".

Are these risks "high"? The article doesn't say. IMO it would be interesting to compare these risks to those of, say, a plane crash, or of getting lung cancer if you're a smoker.

You might think that those comparisons would not be fair because they usually end up in death. Think again - the whole point of an abortion is to kill something (and abortionists don't always do that right either. Did anyone ever go to med school with the intent of becoming an abortionist?).

Oh, that doesn't count - it's just a "bundle of cells". Well, if you think abortions can't cause *your* death or other unpleasant permanent conditions you'd better do a little research, because nobody in the abortion industry is going to tell you. All that stuff that used to happen in pro-abortionists' legendary back alleys still happens today.

Well, they might give you a disclaimer to sign which lists dozens and dozens of things that could happen. Then they'll say "our lawyers make us do this" and keep you waiting until you've signed - of course no one would dare call this "duress".

The list might include things like permanent inability to have children, hemorrhage, endometriosis (in case they don't fish out all the dismembered parts of your little parasite) ... Or perhaps a puncture between the vagina and the rectum or urethra - guess what happens then? You need that like you need another...never mind.

Isn't it funny how so many who otherwise would bristle at risky operations, malpractice, product liability and conflicts of interest turn a blind eye at abortion?

Do I want to make abortion illegal? No. But I want women considering it, or considering doing what could result in the need for it, to realize exactly what they're getting into. And because high-profile pro-abortionists like Planned Parenthood make a lot of money from abortions and thus have a severe conflict of interest, they're not likely to spread the word.

I guess you could say I support a woman's right to *informed* choice. IMO if women are well informed, they'll usually either abstain or keep the child for themselves or an adoptive parent. Of the remaining women who get abortions anyway, well, legality wouldn't matter to them and if they want that kid dead they'll have many more chances...

The cites above are from here, via Glenn Reynolds.