Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Evolving journalism

My university had no journalism school. Thank God - we had enough idiots on campus as it was.

Are journalism students idiots? No?

Do they have no integrity? No?

Why should I believe that? You'd hope that on day 1 they'd learn about "editorializing" as opposed to "reporting", and learn that the former belonged on the editorial page.

Sheesh, I learned this as a scuzzy old allegedly sub-literate engineer - when you described situations, it was to be done in neutral language without advocacy.

Why the rant? This link by Glenn Reynolds, about a "Creation Museum" in Kentucky.

You prefer science to Genesis? Be thankful that this nation founded by Christians permits it. Here you can write biased BS as news, using what ought to be a simple news story about a museum to slam religious believers gratuitously.

Is this about "balance"? Fine. Then start quoting creationists in every science article. It's at least as fair and relevant as quoting detractors about the creation museum.

It certainly isn't about tolerance. It isn't about objectivity.

It's not even journalism.