Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Answer?

Is something missing from your life. Perhaps what you need may be found in the Matriarchal Church.

It's not too well publicized IMO - I found it while looking for current information about the woman who turns out to be its founder, the one and only Kellie Everts.

That name might be vaguely familiar to late thirtysomethings. In her words, "I strip for God". Obviously we are dealing with a woman with a unique perspective.

Her website claims accomplishments many and significant. For those of you who'd prefer not to find yourself on a website entitled, she also claims to be the "foundress of female bodybuilding" and to have taken part in ending the Cold War.

What could be wrong with an organization with such a charismatic leader? Do you feel the call?

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Nearly 8 years in prison without a trial

Should I be hearing about stuff like this from a conservative like Phyllis Schlafly? Where are the lefties?

Or do you have to shoot and kill policemen before you get their blessing?

Monday, December 13, 2004

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Who was Mary Alice Meza?

Unless you're a crime buff, you're not likely to know. She was just a 17 year old girl who was raped back in 1948. Shortly thereafter she was institutionalized and remained so to the end of her days.

Who raped her? An innocent man of course - Caryl Chessman. That name might not be well remembered nowadays, but in his time he was an international cause celebre in part because at the time no one had spent more time on Death Row than he. Here's the short version of his story, here's the long version.

In all that time in prison Chessman had time to write and smuggle out three different books. One became a bestseller which is still listed on He used the proceeds in part to pay for legal and investigative help for his innumerable motions and appeals. The accounts linked above do not mention any restitution to his victims.

Not that he could have made it up to Mary Alice Meza.

Slow news day

What's wrong with this post?

Now let's have a talk about that natalism thing...

I'm only about 6 weeks late to congratulate Sasha and Hanah Metchis Volokh.


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