Monday, March 14, 2005

Bloggers on Dennis Miller's show

Addie Collins, according to her blog bio, is a broadcast journalist and a soldier. What she doesn't say is that she's a knockout, and that might just be why she got on the Dennis Miller show tonight. She hasn't written much on her blog, which I hadn't heard of until she mentioned it. But she has a pet project - she gives away shoes to Iraqis. She's not in Iraq now, but she left an address on the blog in case you'd like to help.

And I hadn't even finished posting this when I spotted Bryan Keefer, probably best known for his contributions to the now-defunct SpinSanity site. He was on Miller's "varsity" panel along with David Horowitz and a woman whose name escapes me.

Ah, Dennis Miller just spoke of his experience working for Fox. He said that the Great Satan Roger Ailes, alleged evil genius behind Fox, never talked to him or otherwise attempted to influence his writing.

And they say bloggers don't do original reporting?

Who says the rest of the media does? You must read this Glenn Reynolds original about prepackaged news.