Saturday, June 14, 2003

Offshore petrochemical inventory

John Cole has the details here. It seems that the professional ecobabblers among us don't even want us to know what is available offshore.


Come to the zoo. Kill the animals.

Randy Newman was right...

Way back in 1977 Newman wrote a hit song called "Short People" which he included on an album called "Little Criminals".

Even in those comparatively innocent days such sentiments drew screams from the professionally offended. But he might have been on to something, as noted in "The Shallow End".

Carnival of the Vanities is at Overtaken by Events...

So hustle thine virtual electronic behind over there to partake of the collective wisdom of around 60 bloggers' submissions, together with Matt's commentary. The guy managed to marry a babe like Vicki after all - he must be good.

Friday, June 13, 2003

Celluloid Wisdom is coming...

Right here. And with my own wisdom hard-earned through about a year and a half of blogging, I think we're gonna like it like an old friend.

Just a hunch...

Nipple scarf

The coolest fashion trends start in Japan, eh?

For more of the finest in such humor, check out Bob and Tom's photo pages, from which the above is so shamelessly hotlinked. You'll also see woman's best friend, the world's largest tongue, bears doing 68*, the truth about being a large animal veterinarian, and a few other web classics.

(*you do me and I'll owe you one)

I like women with big guns

Like Laurie Dhue here, as Mike Hendrix so kindly posts.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Blogging fundraiser idea

How about a live Webcam catfight between Moxie and Moxiepop? I'd pay a few bucks to see that. Moxie's smart but she's not very big, so I'll give the edge to MoxiePop.

It might not be Celebrity Deathmatch, but it's a start.

UPDATE: Jim Treacher has another suggestion.


Enter a blog in BlogMatcher and find the ones supposedly most like it:,
BlogMatcher is a program that helps people find weblogs that match their interests and find like-minded blogs. When given an URL to a weblog (called "Reference Blog") the system finds other blogs that appear to discuss similar topics.

It needs some work yet. For instance, I found that the blog most like Jane Galt's is....are you ready for this?....Jane Galt.

Then I tried Susanna Cornett. What do you know, I'm #2 after her own blog. Now there's a woman who'll sleep well tonight.

What about this humble offering? Three of the top five are Glenn Reynolds. Then there are two I haven't read before - Simone Koo and Arma Virumque (a blog by The New Criterion). Rounding out the top 10 are Steve Green and Bill Quick, then Quidnunc, ChicagoBoyz's old home on Blogspot, and TV Henry. Hmm.

How about James Lileks? As of 5 minutes ago, it said "no matches found". That I can believe.

Have fun!

What he said

Now, after the item below, let me back James Lileks 100% here.

Most people will behave differently when there are children around. Some topics don't arise, some words aren't used, some gestures aren't made, etc. Just put the little monsters to bed and then do what thou wilt.

Our streets and open airwaves are like an area where children are around. IMO it isn't asking much of advertisers to maintain some semblance of decorum in such public spaces.

Blogging Mad

I remember being a kid and seeing a Mad magazine for the first time. Adults who raised children or paid rent didn't approve (publicly, anyway). Obviously this was some time ago.

There weren't any dirty pictures and I could barely read, so I didn't understand the fuss. I did know that Alfred E. Neuman was without a doubt the ugliest so-and-so I had ever seen. But about the time I got my paper route I was old enough and had the cash to pick one up once in a while, so I corrupted my mind and became the blogger you're reading right now.

Actually, it got a bit worse. Then came National Lampoon, where I learned lines like "didja hear about the big party? It's in "....well, what follows is just too rude. There were ads for delightful posters (particularly "The Big A", a closeup of a woman's nude derriere which might have used a fisheye lens) and how to pick up women (who would have guessed that National Lampoon readers would need help with this?), the occasional gratuitous nude or topless babe, and depraved stories by Chris Miller, Doug Kenney, Brian McConnachie, and even PJ O'Rourke. Alumni of this crowd went on to make "Animal House", "Caddyshack" and others.

Maybe they weren't *too* corrupting. PJ lived in the belly of the beast yet lived to make his mama proud with "Parliament of Whores", All the Trouble in the World", "Eat the Rich" and many others worth plugging. So there might be hope for me yet.

Wanna regress? You can get copies of Mad, Sick, Cracked, National Lampoon and others right here.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

A liberal is...

...someone who has no problem with explicit sex scenes in movies kids watch, but has a problem if the movie shows the participants smoking afterwards.

Unfair? Of course - it wouldn't be any fun otherwise. But really now, hasn't this antismoking crusade gone far enough?

Check out the LA Examiner

Matt Welch's and Ken Layne's baby lives here. What could be wrong with a publication that calls Rob Reiner "a fat piece of crap"?

Sunday, June 08, 2003

Still alive...

No new content yet, and probably not much more for another couple of weeks. And that will probably be off Blogspot - hurrah! I just want to pick up some more CSS, JavaScript and Perl first.

I did change the blogroll to reflect the new sites for James Rummel, Common Sense and Wonder, and ChicagoBoyz. That's, not .com - trust me, there's a difference.

And I'm getting some reading done. Some titles: Nature via Nurture by Matt Ridley, Linked by Albert-Laszlo Baranasi, Prime Obsession by Andrew Sullivan favorite John Derbyshire, The Frozen-Water Trade by Gavin Weightman and a few others.

Nature via Nurture is weeks of blogfodder all by itself. If you like it you might check out his earlier book "Genome"