Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Homeschool her

Some parents in FL seem to think that it's safe to send their kid to school when she has a very severe peanut allergy. They are willing to leave their child's welfare in the hands of a bunch of other children who might or might not observe precautions to protect their little girl. Isn't that reckless endangerment?

They can't depend on the rest of the world to be competent to observe the precautions needed to protect the girl. Certainly they can't depend on kids who ordinarily wouldn't be permitted to cross the street without a crossing guard. I know I went to school with some idiots who would have thought it would be really cool to see an ambulance come to the school.

IMO they should homeschool her. Whether they think society owes them public schooling or not, they can't be sure that the schools can provide it safely. And all the cries of the bleeding hearts can't change that.