Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thursday, July 02, 2009

This is why neighbors call them "massholes"

The people of Massachusetts owe it to the rest of the country to throw Barney Frank out. Not just at the next election. Now.

Not content with his role in screwing up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, he wants to grab repaid TARP money for one of his latest housing schemes, as mentioned

I have a better idea. Set up a fund to be used to recall Congressmen. We can start with Frank. Then how about Nancy Pelosi?

Or how about a new tax proposal? We'll calculate how much in taxes each Congressman votes for each year, and we'll fine their campaign funds accordingly. And we'll tax their donors at the rates their candidate would have imposed.

Or better yet, how about a change in the rules such that the House and Senate automatically expel the members who voted for the most spending each fiscal year? We might finally start getting more turnover. And maybe some hope for a change.

Yep, I've had enough. I haven't managed to hit a Tea Party yet. I also missed a local event to notify a RINO that he had no business voting for that "cap and tax" abomination that he couldn't possibly have even read, much less assimilated.

No more.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Margaret Sanger's nightmare

I guess it's easier to write 1 story than 11 or more, but this is just a tad unbalanced. Someone allegedly fathered 21 kids by "at least 11" different mothers, and it takes until the last paragraph to note that "one has to wonder about the women who chose to have his children".

If that man had never been born, does anyone really think none of this would have happened? But for him, these women would have been virgins?

Is a 29 year old with a minimum wage job so devastatingly attractive to those women that they were simply incapable of resisting? Even though all the women allegedly knew about his large family?

Or was he just a bottom feeder who'd hook up with any loser who wanted her ticket to the govt gravy train?

Gravy train? It's true that many of us wouldn't want to live on govt programs. But I went to school in small towns, and in small towns everybody knows of everybody. Including the trash. I wound up knowing plenty of people that were very pleased to live in ways I wouldn't have chosen. If it takes popping a kid to get benefits they wouldn't have otherwise, then come and get it!

Raising kids is cheap if they're just a means to an end. Just take care of them well enough to keep off the radar of govt family services types, who are probably too busy to investigate much anyway, and it's years of freebies!

Cynical? No, just experienced. I've seen it more times than I care to recall - I can only imagine what social workers see. We can't project our own aspirations on others.

More from the last paragraph: "In the end, the children and the taxpayers of Tennessee will pay for their choices for years to come."

Perhaps the word "choice" wasn't a code word (as in "why didn't the mothers kill them? - we must not have enough abortionists!"). Pardon my suspicions - the pro-abortion types don't seem to address that choosing started long before the pregnancies, and Planned Parenthood makes a lot of money performing abortions.

But even abortion were free and available within 5 minutes, they're missing the point. It's all about having the kids to qualify for benefits.

And the only thing that will stop that is reducing or ending the benefits.

I'm sure Margaret Sanger, exalted saint of Planned Parenthood, would agree.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Remedial education

Cue "I Will Survive" - Contessa Brewer has been called "slutty" in public and lived to tell. Which apparently explains her incredulity at anyone, such as Sarah Palin, objecting to such a characterization. It's just comedy!

Maybe that's not an issue on the left. But I don't recall anyone on the left calling Bill Clinton or Nina Burleigh slutty. At least if they'd called Clinton slutty they could say they weren't being sexist. (and if he doesn't merit this, what does it take?)

I know nothing of Contessa Brewer's conduct, and I'm only quoting her from a video above. But somehow it wouldn't bother me a bit if Googling "slutty" showed Contessa Brewer at the top of the list.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Coming soon to a health provider near you

Setting: doctor's office.
Receptionist: Sorry sir, you have no health insurance.
Patient: What do you mean? Barack Obama socialized medicine, we're all covered now.
Receptionist: Yes, but you didn't make your health insurance payments.
Patient: What payments? It's free!
Receptionist: My records show that you haven't made donations to the Democrats.

Far fetched? I sure hope so. But to suggest that govt controlled health care won't be influenced by politics is impossibly naive.

Hey, I'm not dogmatic. But I think that people who would give the govt more responsibilities would do well should insist that we get rid of the existing corruption and improve the performance of existing functions first. Is there something partisan about that?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How conveeeeeenient

Shortly after mass gatherings across the country to tell Congress that they're sick of pork, we have warnings about swine flu.

That's one way to try to suppress future rallies, anyway. How nice it is to know that after hundreds of billions for bailouts, there's one thing this administration won't waste. Crises.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

If you've ever considered eating a gun....

How can Glenn Reynolds not link to this? It's about pork, bacon and guns.

Stolen shamelessly from The Corner.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Inexperienced Arrogant President Street?

Renamed schools, streets mark early tributes to Obama -


Remember what happened once Bill Clinton got into office? One of the first things on the agenda was a "stimulus package", which had an uncanny way of winding up benefiting his Democrat supporters.

Now the Dems have a new scheme dwarfing Clinton's. Read this for some background.

There is much to question, but my favorite is the Keynesian "multiplier" - the theory that every buck the govt puts into the economy results in $1.50 of greater output.

Does it not follow that every dollar govts suck out of the economy costs $1.50 of output? Worse yet, you have to support the drones who take the money and reward their buddies, so things are even worse.

Unless there's something magical about dollars after they've passed through the govt, like that rare expensive brand of coffee that is collected from civet scats in the Philippines.

No, I'm not an economist. I'd like an explanation of why this multiplier effect doesn't work both ways.

Or if it does, why we shouldn't have immediate tax cuts, which would have immediate impact rather than some pork project starting years from now.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Way News - Blagojevich: I'm the victim of plot to raise taxes

First there was chutzpah. Then there was Bill Clinton. Now there's Blago, the victim of a plot to raise taxes. Anything but that!

Well, there is something that would offend his Democrat buddies more. He could be honest.

I figured Blago was looking for a new pet cause now that he's stuck Roland Burris to Harry Reid and the Senate (nothing against Burris - based on what I know now he's as tolerable as an IL Dem can be). No doubt Blago noticed the machinations of the last prosecuted (and preceding) governor of IL, George Ryan, who suddenly discovered Injustice! on IL's death row once he needed some good PR.

Monday, January 19, 2009

My favorite plague

The plague kills 40 al-Qaeda | The Sun |News

Heh. Wouldn't it be terrific if we found it was spread via beards and those rags the terrorists wear over their faces?

Monday, January 05, 2009

The usual dishonest rhetoric

Maybe you can blame the headline writer for this alleged "stem cell ban". But it wouldn't be inconsistent with past NYT coverage of the issue.

There is no "stem cell ban". There are only some restrictions on getting money from the federal govt for stem cell research. Next thing we know we'll be hearing from the steel industry (or whoever else that wants a bailout next) that failing to give them govt money amounts to a "steel ban". Heaven forbid that there should be restrictions on federal spending on anything any time anywhere.

The debate about the "stem cell ban" supposed rests on whether it would be attacked via executive order or legislation. Wouldn't it be hysterically funny if legislation were presented to Barack Obama and he vetoed it? Not likely, but still...

Via Glenn Reynolds.