Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Check it out

I'd never been to Bifurcated Rivets before, and I wonder why. I could rip it off for days - what could be wrong with a blog that points us to the Slide Rule Universe?

Wanna argue forever? Of course you do - you're reading blogs. So I propose a couple more links I found there - the 50 greatest rock intros and top 100 albums of the 70's.

But there's lots more.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Elements of blogging

Right here.

Alas, there's at least one glaring omission.

"Look Ma, No Hands!"

Derek Lowe presents How Not To Do It, a compendium of ways to shorten your career or life via chemistry. I've never met the gentleman, but I wonder if he still has all of his fingers.

His tongue is probably OK though. He discourages tasting chemicals in the lab, but there is at least one prominent dissenter as noted here.

After all, the tongue and olfactory apparatus are sensitive chemical sensors - it's a shame not to be able to use them. And in days before better technologies became available, they were. For instance, one of the tests for diabetes was sugar in the urine....yeah, that's one way they tested.

Leftism as mental illness

From a comment over at Gene Expression:
The Left is nothing but the reservoir of all unresolved dissatisfaction of any sort, of all unresolved feelings of inferiority
There's more here.

No, we needn't treat "deviationism" with drugs. But IMO there are plenty of leftists who need some serious medication nowadays.

The CPA from the inside

Once-respectable economist Paul Krugman smeared the CPA, and Simone Ledeen replies here.

Watermelon Jewels

Right here.