Friday, May 09, 2003

The good news is, you're not drunk...

I don't have much to fear from a drunkometer test - I probably get more alcohol from mouthwash than anywhere else. But those who do have tried and recommended many things to avoid detection of their condition. One in particular swore by hyperventilation.

Some years back I thought there was a bestseller about an English or Canadian country physician. In it I recall he learned that having a sour or rotten apple smell on the breath was a sign of appendicitis. Hmm - how far can you go with this?

Max Jacobs of Common Sense and Wonder notes a new electronic nose of sorts, along with applications. Some can be used in food processing to detect subtle off-odors consistently. But the ones under development are to be used for health diagnostics such as for lung cancer:
Scientists tested the e-nose on 60 people at the Forlanini Hospital in Rome, including 35 waiting for an operation to remove a large lung tumour. Each test took just over a minute and the nose successfully pinpointed every cancer patient, according to New Scientist.
I wonder if they'll be able to detect drug abuse by this means. Anyway, the implications are fascinating, and I'm sure civil libertarians will have a lot to say about this before it's over.

Afterthought: what's next, flatulence? Sweat? Handkerchiefs?

Last Call for Blogbash

At TNGs in Kirkwood tonight, as shown here. See ya!

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Heading back...

I made it to my destination and I've done nothing but loafing and sponging for a few days now. But duty calls, so I will start back to St. Louis bright and early tomorrow AM. Then it's time to decompress, have a Blogbash, organize, pack, and make tracks to the next work assignment a few hours away from St. Louis on Monday.

Enquiring minds want to know...