Saturday, June 24, 2006

The backwards blonde and friends

USA Today recently ran a campaign looking for "Characters". Yes, they found them, and you can see them here.

The winner was the "Backwards Blonde". It appears that if she can spell a word, she can pronounce it backwards. Instantly. Of course it helps that words really don't have accepted pronunciations when spoken backwards, but hey.

The funny thing is that when she dyed her hair another color, the ability went away. No, I made up that part. But it had to be a blonde...

Anyway, she's heading off to chiropractic school soon, where she'll no doubt learn her stuff backwards and forwards.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Spite the power

Our public schools stink. Education majors are typically at the bottom of the heap for SAT and other standardized test scores. Political correctness demands creating students with high self-esteem without negative feedback so that they can be confident about everything yet competent at nothing. And the whole shebang is run by a malevolent gang of parasites masquerading as teachers' unions, supervised by whatever political hacks lurk at the bottom of the talent pool.

Well, I suppose I could have overstated that just a bit. Atlas hasn't shrugged yet -there are still some heroes in our schools (like this one), and they could do even better given the resources. But how can we find them, and how can we get them resources without having them misallocated by the legions of sticky fingered lowlives infesting statehouses and school administrations?

Here's how. Thanks to Tara Smith of Aetiology.

Asymmetrical warfare

Israpundit notes the past idiocy and opportunity for some redemption involving the Presbyterian Church's position on investing in Israel here.

What *I* want is a list of any big corporation that has invested in Gaza since the Israelis left town. Sound investors of *any* creed would dislike the idea of investing where Palestinian leaders (?!) run the show.

This would be another chance for Arabs to show how much they really care for "the plight of the Palestinians". Ha! My bet is that the money that builds Gaza, if it ever happens, will have come from Israel.

No joke

I love oddball expressions, especially with all the of non-native English speakers I work with. A couple of favorites are "busier than a one-armed paperhanger with the seven year itch", or "busier than a peg-legged man in an ass-kicking contest".

And then I saw Discovery Health channel's segment on Barbara Guerra. The segment is "Life with no arms", but that actually understates things - she has kids too.

She's been armless since she was 2 in 1979, when she wandered off and got her hands in an electrical transformer. She was so badly burned that they thought they'd lose her altogether, but instead she just lost both arms. There's not even a joint on her left side, and on the right there's a very short stump.

Think about that the next time things aren't going your way. It has a way of making most problems look like chickenshit.