Sunday, October 19, 2003

She wrote what?

Miss Susanna! - does your mama read your blog? The girl has been reading the Song of Solomon again, and next thing you know she's writing all this stuff about pr0n. Golly, I'm blushing all over...

Well, maybe not. I've written of pr0n and me in my younger days, and I really wondered what would have happened if I had been exposed to more readily available, stronger stuff in the absence of small town conditioning.

Susanna presents some anecdotes about the impact of pr0n on kids after they become adults here. The concern seems to be that men and boys overexposed to pr0n will somehow see pr0n as a satisfactory alternative to human partners. Hmm - I've having a hard time seeing how anyone who's tried both could wind up this way.

Presumably seeing pr0n in the absence of experience with real partners could cause expectations problems, but it's not as if that's the only way that can happen. Other movies and soap operas aren't exactly realistic in the relevant particulars either, nor are books and magazines. Even real life can lead kids astray - Junior had better not expect his bride to be another Mom, and likewise the bride had better not expect hubby to be another Daddy. So we can expect kids to suffer some readjustments no matter what we do - let's just hope they're not as bad as in this old dirty joke (look for Running Bear).

From a technical perspective there could be some useful pr0n, but I don't recall seeing any. I go into far too much detail about that here, in which I conclude that on the whole, pr0n is bad for kids and should be kept away from them.

Enough - there's a football game on. That's better than sex - or writing about it anyway.

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