Saturday, October 25, 2003

"Pro-Choice" is a lie

Pro-life and pro-choice. Who could possibly choose between such alternatives? After all, who wouldn't choose to live? But then this is the country where we revere lines like "Give me liberty or give me death!", so it's not quite so simple.

Pro-life may be exaggerated, but at least it's fundamentally accurate. It doesn't apply across the board - many also favor the death penalty. This inspires some to say that it's hypocritical, but that simply shows that some people are incapable of moral distinctions between convicted criminals and unborn children.

But pro-choice? Right. There are three choices - raising the baby, letting it go for adoption, or aborting it. A group that could be called pro-choice in any honest sense would support any of those choices in equal weight, right?

Not so. They fight like hell against a license plate that says "Choose Life" - rather than coming up with their own alternative, they seek to ban that choice. They aren't known for doing anything to help place children for adoption. Their organizations like Planned Parenthood don't make any money if they counsel mothers to let their children live, so there's an incredible financial conflict of interest favoring abortion. (As for founder Margaret Sanger's past, let's see what her legacy has to say about it).

And pro-lifers hear cracks like "if they don't want abortions, then pay to raise the kid". Wait a minute - shouldn't the nominal pro-choicers offer that choice too? Obviously babies need support and care - why wouldn't the pro-choicers want to support that choice too, unless the real goal is to have more abortions?

So a reasonable person can only conclude that they are not pro-choice at all. They are simply pro-abortion, but aren't honest enough to admit it.

OTOH pro-choice might apply more accurately to the pro-life side. They just think that the mother made her choice when she decided to have sex, not when she started barfing in the morning a while later. And since rape by definition means that the woman did not decide to have sex, it makes perfect sense to treat the fetuses differently in this case. Likewise for incest or other cases where a woman might not have capacity for such decisions.

Enough - at least I waited until abortion was in the news this time.

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