Monday, October 20, 2003

If Dante had seen the web...

Yesterday I got a sucker email wanting me to confirm Ebay info. If you've been on the web for more than a day or so you ought to know that stuff like this is always bogus, but I thought I'd take a look at it. You were supposed to click on what looked like a legitimate Ebay address, which in fact was one of the legal ones according to Ebay. But what looked like a plain text link was in fact a long skinny graphic which was actually linked somewhere else. So it went to, and the sender can go to hell.

It'll be crowded down there. We need to spread them out a little, like Dante did, with the guys I mentioned well to the bottom.

The potential identity thieves like the Ebay guy belong, say, in Satan's armpits. The virus distributors will be close by.

A bit higher, but not much, would be the creeps who send me spam offering to reduce my spam. The first one was funny in a brass-balled kind of way, but the rest...grrr.

On the shallow side would be the Abacha family, the rest of the Nigerians and the others who need help getting their millions out of their countries.

Then there are the guys who hit my site with Google like today's winner - "Photos+French+prostate+exam". I can see where some poor guy might wonder what he's in for, but really, what is "French" doing in there? Whatever you do, don't think about it - ewww.

I could really get into this if I had the time. Feel free to offer candidates and appropriate punishments.

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