Sunday, October 19, 2003

Grow up

Howard Kurtz discusses writer Jonathan Chait and his article on the Bush-haters in the WaPo.

Methinks Chait needs to grow up, based on comments like this:
And Chait says that gee, by the way, Republicans set a "perjury trap" and impeached a popular Democrat, and yet "suddenly it's time to declare president-hating out of bounds."
You know, Mr. Chait, the beauty of a "perjury trap" is that is only catches perjurors. All Clinton had to do was tell the truth instead of daring the Republicans to prove him wrong. As it was, he proved that not only was he a liar, but one with really poor judgment too.

The "impeached a popular Democrat" is self-contradictory. Just how popular was the man if he managed to get impeached? He held on in office only because the Republicans had no guts and the Democrats had no shame. And had justice taken its course, maybe we'd be talking about "Gore-haters" now - the Democrats would be better off as a party, if not as Americans.

Speaking for myself, I didn't "hate" Bill Clinton. Actually I figured he'd be just the guy to have a bull session with - I can only imagine some of the stories this guy can tell. But that doesn't mean that I thought he had any business near the White House.

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