Thursday, October 23, 2003

Jew made me say that

Glenn Reynolds linked to this, so you've probably already seen it. It's more "the Jews run everything, blah blah".

Now really. If the Jews are so clever that a few million of them can run the entire planet, what makes these guys think they can do anything about it?

Besides, everyone knows the world is run by Swiss bankers. Or the Masons. Or the Illuminati. Or the Trilateralists. Or the Bilderbergers.

I wonder which one killed Lady Diana Spencer?

Actually I think too much has been made of that post. We don't really know what the one Paki was thinking - we just know he thought it was a good time for his friend the writer to leave. If the writer thinks his friend owes it to the world to argue with his buddies about something they clearly aren't prepared to be rational about, IMO he's asking too much.

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