Saturday, October 25, 2003

Partial birth abortion

You're a woman. You are delivering a baby, which is now hanging out of your vagina with only its head inside (which is dangerous for mom and baby alike). You've dilated, you've contracted, you've had all the pain and struggle of childbirth and all the attendant health hazards but for whatever might happen as the baby (yes, BABY) travels the last few inches. One tug and you're home free.

So what do you do now? 1) Continue having the BABY and raise it yourself; 2) Continue having the BABY and give it up for adoption; or 3) Have the doctor poke a hole in the base of the BABY's skull, stuff in a vacuum device to suck out its brains and crush its skull until it stops flopping, then dump it with the medwaste.

I'm not a physician, but I fail to see what part of the mother's health is impaired by pulling the baby out the last few inches. If I'm right, then there effectively is no risk to the health of the mother that a partial-birth abortion can prevent. Unless there's a health risk involved in simply trying to raise the kid (whatever that might be), in which case it can be given up for adoption. So why kill it unless you just want it dead?

I understand that there are other procedures for late-term abortions that might be used in case severe damage is not detected until late in the game. So parents of truly stricken children have other options if they want an abortion. They just can't have this kind.

So the pro-lifers haven't even stopped late-term abortions - they've just put a legal obstacle in front of the most disgusting form of it. Yet we hear brayings such as "This is a sad day for the women of America", as if suddenly all American women became barefoot and pregnant.

Which leads to the question "What was the point?" IMO the point was to show just how morally addled the pro-abortion movement is when they would fight to the last ditch to defend such a disgusting procedure.

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