Saturday, November 09, 2002

Little pitchers

Long before Bill Cosby, Art Linkletter had a TV show called "House Party". Early on he learned he could get plenty of great material from kids. Some of the stuff the kids would say would send parents over the edge.

Likewise, long before Calvin and Hobbes there was Dennis the Menace (follow the link - I'll bet you didn't know Gina's last name, or that his dad was an engineer). I haven't seen it lately and I know that creator Hank Ketcham is dead, so I'm not sure if it's still around or not. Anyway, Dennis could mortify his parents at will, and he gave me lots of ideas to suggest to younger relatives.

But kids don't need any help from me. For instance, a while back I was on the phone with a woman I know. She's been having some health problems, including occasional bouts of asthma which began after some surgery about a year ago. She happened to mention that the last three bouts had begun during sex.

Unfortunately her preteen daughter was listening, and I could hear her in the background: "You had sex three times this year?". She said it as if her mother were a sex maniac. I'm sure this will all be the talk of her school.

Alright, who has some more stories like this?

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