Monday, November 04, 2002

Election grab bag

Dean Esmay is right on here. Link stolen from Susanna, who apparently got it from The Dodd.

I am 100% for a test of voter competence. If it's discriminatory, that's OK with me.

Or at least make the stupid ones use a second-class ballot. Then in case of close votes, you throw out the ones from the stupid. (Arguably we already have that system, which accounts for Al Gore's loss in FL - just how !@#$ incompetent do you have to be to foul up punching holes in a ballot, anyway?).

What would be more fun would be to give legislators pop quizzes on legislation they voted for. I understand that when Clinton and the Dems tried to inflict socialized medicine on us, they were passing around a bill that was still marked up with yellow Post-it notes. Sorry folks, but if you haven't even had time to type up the changes, print and distribute the bill, there hasn't been enough time to evaluate it.

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