Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Did we throw a tantrum again?

Was it the angry white males? Did the Republicans intimidate black voters?

The WaPo says
"Democratic National Committee Chairman Terence McAuliffe told the Associated Press that Bush was the critical factor in the Democratic losses. "I pin a lot of it on that this is a president who has had very high approval ratings," he said. "He's had the longest sustained approval ratings of any president in modern history."
Hmm. What do "approval ratings" measure, TM? I'll bet you're trying to figure out how he did it without bribing bums with cigarettes, enlisting the dead, and suing to have them reversed, huh?

The WaPo continues:
"Republicans turned history on its head last night, thanks to an aggressive White House strategy to put the president into the most competitive House and Senate races in the final weeks of the campaign, superior financial resources in the battleground contests and, apparently to a revamped GOP voter turnout operation."
I guess the WaPo thinks it's important to understand that none of this has anything to do with anyone's positions on issues.

Of course it's not over. The Dems are sure to turn to the courts to evade the will of the voters, just as they do when they govern.

Unless they've finally learned something.

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