Wednesday, February 13, 2002

That's entertainment!

I was channelsurfing innocently last night when I stumbled upon the retreaded Greta Van Susteren and the interview recorded here on FrontPage. I can't do it justice.

One burning issue they addressed was transgender bathrooms. Good grief. V-chip?-we need a BS chip.

Then came a discussion of a gender-neutral Bible. Of course Ellen Ratner was for it. She was made for the mute button.

Some years back the late Earl Butz was Secretary of Agriculture, and he got in trouble for some quotes. This was about the time when the political reporters' rules started changing, and jokes just between us boys started getting reported if they harmed the right people. Anyway, with reference to the then-Italian Pope's position on birth control, Butz allegedly said "he no playa da game, he no maka da rules".

Somehow I suspect that the people behind BS like this are motivated by something besides religion. Ratner went on about the many translations, and I refuse to believe she's so dense as to miss the difference between translating words and making the Bible gender-neutral. I wish she would have said something about her faith, particularly about the last time she had read the Bible. Does she really playa da game?

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