Sunday, February 10, 2002

A look into the future...

Yep, this blog does evolve. It won't turn into a time capsule like this one. See if you can guess when I created it (and last edited it).

Next? Probably something to make it easier to add comments to an item. I already got the hit counter (ha!) and the poll thing from Bravenet, so maybe I can find one of those there too. I could load up on JavaScript, but that will slow down the page. All I have access to on the server side is Miva - maybe I'll break down and learn that.

And of course I'll have to put in PayPal and Amazon tip jars. They sold pet rocks, didn't they? Gosh, I hope they can handle all the hits.

I considered adding some ads for a bigger bust, barely legal teenage girls and a bunch of others, but I goofed - I accidentally cut-and-pasted Megan McArdle's email address instead. Damn, I had a big list too. I sure hope she doesn't find out...

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