Wednesday, February 13, 2002

But it's natural!

The Great Porn Debate has broken out elsewhere. Actually it has here too, but nobody has noticed that I can tell. That might be because of content like the following, which is probably entirely appropriate given the subject matter.

Several people have been driven to note that sex is natural. Being a fellow belaborer of the obvious, I'll note that that would have been a hell of a thing to leave out.

But I can think of another bodily function that's perfectly natural. Somehow it doesn't get the same press. Unlike sex, it kills if done to excess, but there is danger is in not doing it. If anybody hasn't figured it out yet, I'm talking about defecation.

Gosh, why don't we talk more about it? We could show it in movies, glossy magazines, anywhere. And who cares if the kids see - all cultures agree that kids should start doing this from birth. Surely we're not hung up on it?

So what's the point of noting that sex is natural? Apparently it's intended to imply that disagreement with this is what characterizes the people on the other side of the argument. In other words, they're hung up. And we can't have that now, can we?

It's the coward's way out - disqualifying the opposing point of view rather than engaging it. It suggests that those of us who would argue for discretion base this on personal problems rather than convictions or experience, and it is used to marginalize if not to demonize those who oppose social changes involving sex.

If you find the idea of talking about defecation unappealing, then you just might understand where a lot of people are coming from when the topic is sex, and why they'd rather not have the topic forced upon them from every angle. Being natural has nothing to do with it.

But it might have something to do with "class".

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