Sunday, March 20, 2005


If nothing else will get your boy interested in science, try this. How can you go wrong with exhibits like this?:
A life-size cow replica, which issues thunderous belches, is a see-through model baring the inner workings of ruminants, with as much information on cud-chewing as most people want to know. More, maybe.

A cow produces some 220 quarts of saliva a day. Humans manage only about one. The other end of the cow works, too. The tail flips up each time.

Would such an exhibit be as popular with girls? I doubt it, even at risk of forever forfeiting my chances to be president of Harvard. But in fact the idea is that of a woman, whose inspriration came as she was clipping her toenails.

CNN did not include pictures, but the exhibit does have a website here.

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