Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Cashing in

Now that Michael Schiavo has become a celebrity it's time to cash in. He's feeding us so much about his devotion to his wife's wishes, I figure the world is ready for a bunch of songs to let him show how he really feels about his wife.

What songs should he perform? We don't want the cliches here - let's give him a chance to develop his own style while sticking with proven but perhaps obscure hits. Here are a few suggestions:

Pat Travers' Boom Boom (out go the lights)
Guns 'n Roses' I used to love her
Rod Stewart's Foolish Behaviour
Robert Cray's Smoking Gun
Harry Nilsson's You're Breakin' My Heart

You're welcome to add suggestions in the comments.

It might well be that Mr. Schiavo hasn't yet had enough exposure. Perhaps he could benefit by teaming up with another like-minded Floridian whose name is better recognized. Do you suppose he could do a duet with OJ Simpson?

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