Friday, March 25, 2005

At least try to think

Re this post from Bill Quick, saying that "ceasing food and fluid can be painless". In case one, BQ says "everything she ate, she painfully vomited back up". If that was more painful than doing without eating, than her choice is clear without assuming that it was also painless.

In case #2 with Mr. Quick's father, it's clear that the man had chosen not to eat. We don't know how much other pain he was in, and if he wanted to die this might well have been his only avenue after living 98 years and having a broken hip. Again, based on what he posted alone, it doesn't support his "Hooey" statement.

Perhaps Mr. Quick has better evidence. I encourage him to post it.

And I encourage Mr. Quick and some of those who commented on his post to look at Mr. Schiavo with a more critical eye. Don't let his possible complicity in her condition be obscured in the glare of right to life issues. And ask why it's so important for him to maintain control of her remains (he'd lose that if he divorced her), to the point of rejecting a big payday, and why he wants her cremated.

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