Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Eat like a rock star

Add Custom Messages to your M&M'S® Candy in 13 Custom Colors OR create your own blend with 21 Colors to choose from!

They're hours of fun for OCD people too. You can count them, line them up by color like little histograms (or rainbows for you artsy types), eat them in a particular color sequence, turn them all so the little m's are aligned, peel off the shells,...they ought to advertise on "Monk".

Or with the right boards you could use them to play checkers, Chinese checkers, parcheesi, Aggravation, go, Othello....maybe even chess or Trivial Pursuit if there are enough different colors. Marbles? - maybe, but not for long. Got no board? - play Lite-Brite.

Snopes says that the green ones really aren't an aphrodisiac, but how could they know?- they never have any fun anyway, and some of us need all the help we can get. That and other M&Ms lore are addressed here.

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