Sunday, April 18, 2004

Where angels fear to tread

Mike Silverman points out a Bleat which addresses gay marriage as only Lileks could.

Lileks is more liberal than I am on this, if only because I'm not convinced that gay marriage won't have effects extending far beyond the relationships themselves. Even so, he notes he's at risk of being branded as a bigot. In my experience, that is defined as "anyone who doesn't agree with gays".

Mr. Silverman writes this:
I want to get married for the same reason almost every other couple (gay or straight) does: because I love someone and want to make a public commitment to spend the rest of my life with them, in sickness and in health, wealth and poverty til death do us part. House, two jobs, dog. Thanksgiving and Passover with the in-laws. Gas grill in the backyard, vegetable garden, and Adult Swim at 10 PM every night.
To which I ask - why can't you have this without rewriting the law on marriage? That's what makes this my business and everyone else's too. Why must you rope in the rest of us?

And whatever happened to the people who have been telling us for years that marriage was a trap and couples should just live together?

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