Thursday, April 22, 2004

Diaperless Babies Seen As Earth-Friendly Solution

See this:
"As environmentalists celebrate the 34th annual Earth Day, some in the green movement are now advocating 'diaper-free' babies to help save the planet.

Citing concerns about plastic disposable diapers clogging landfills and the amount of washing and detergents that cloth diapers require, many environmentalists are taking a page from tribal cultures and seeking to eliminate the use of the baby diapers altogether.

The green movement is now promoting diaperless babies as a 'retro, cutting-edge, environmentally friendly scheme' to mothers throughout the industrialized world.
'There is a way to have a baby and NOT use diapers,' says one website advocating diaperless babies. Parents are urged to get in tune with their infant's body signals and hold babies over toilets, buckets and shrubbery or any other convenient receptacle when nature calls."
Sheesh, where do I start?

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