Thursday, April 22, 2004


As hard as it is with her other gifts, I admire Peggy Noonan primarily for her mind. But I think she's off here:
"If Bill Clinton, who thought Iraq had WMDs, had invaded Iraq post-9/11 and not found them, he would have been thrown out of office. That's because no one ever believed what Mr. Clinton said, and they wouldn't have believed his explanations. They assumed most of what he did had a cynical and self-serving basis."
That first sentence is the problem.

It's tempting to think that if an irresponsible dalliance with a motormouthed ditz almost got him, surely this would. But this time he would have had the truth on his side for a change, and I for one wouldn't have been pushing for his impeachment and removal on those grounds.

But maybe then we would have been treated to seeing Jamie Gorelick getting fired in disgrace, instead of being empaneled to investigate what is partly her own mess.

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