Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Little Audrey!

You don't remember her? You must not have watched the kids' shows available in central IL in the 60's. "The Captain Jinks Show" ("Say goodnight, Captain" "Goodnight, Captain") showed her, Herman and Katnip and various other obscurities regularly.

Toonopedia says she was basically a ripoff of Little Lulu. She even had the same voice performer, Mae Questel, who also did Betty Boop and Olive Oyl (good grief, couldn't Popeye do any better than that? He even had to fight Bluto for her. We had better in my old engineering school...).

Audrey was PC before there was PC:
The Harvey Comics version of Audrey has an interesting distinction. Audrey's friend, Tiny, was colored black ? that is, "colored" black, because the coloring was the only way in which his racial heritage was indicated. This makes Little Audrey, in all probability, the first racially integrated comic book series in which absolutely no stereotypes of any kind were used.

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