Friday, March 19, 2004

Does John F. Kerry have the stamina it takes to be President?

Via Drudge, we have this from the NYTimes:
"Mr. Kerry arrived Wednesday night for a full week of rest and relaxation, and a rare bit of privacy with his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, at their high-altitude retreat.
His getaway came at a particularly rough time for the senator, the expected Democratic presidential nominee. For more than a week, he has had to defend himself from an onslaught of attacks by President Bush and millions of dollars in negative advertising, while taking criticism for calling Republicans 'crooked' and 'lying' and claiming to have the support of leaders whom he has not named. Moreover, a New York Times/CBS News poll indicated that many Americans were beginning to see him as the kind of politician who says what he thinks people want to hear.
Several Democrats and Kerry aides said some of his missteps were a result of exhaustion. They and some of the senator's friends said the vacation could not have come too soon. 'He needed it about as badly as anybody could need it,' said Sam Grossman, a real estate developer who has skied with Ms. Heinz Kerry here for decades, and with Mr. Kerry for years. 'The best thing that can happen is he'll sleep, relax, eat some good food, and then, in a couple of days, he'll be back firing again.'"
The last few primaries have been a cakewalk, so he shouldn't have been too worn out from that. If he gets exhausted defending himself, then makes more mistakes due to exhaustion, then when will things get any better?

It's a long time until the election. Then if Kerry wins, he'll have to come up to speed as President, staff his executive branch, and look forward to a mofo of a payback from Republicans when it comes time for confirmations. And then, if my theory is correct, it'll get a lot worse...

So IMO that's one more reason not to vote for Kerry. It's not just his foreign policy that's weak.

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