Thursday, March 18, 2004

How to get a lawyer to do your work for free

It's easy. Just go to one of their blogs and link all their stuff. You get all that research for nothing. So today I ransacked Clayton Cramer's blog.

Imagine being a wrongfully imprisoned person receiving a bill for room and board?

What a jackass FDR must have been! The Manhattan Project, strategic bombing, suspension of publication of scientific publications, all because he was afraid Hitler would come up with nuclear weapons. And then after the war, it turned out that there weren't any such WMDs. And unlike the current situation, they hadn't even caught Hitler using WMDs. I guess FDR is lucky he didn't have to run against John Kerry.

This shows what might have happened if that near-miss asteroid actually hit.

Or how about self-inflicted hate crimes?

Maybe it'll be easier just to go to the top and scroll down.

UPDATE - In the comments Mr. Cramer assures me that he is not a lawyer. I expect to hear from his attorney any minute. But my idea stands, doggone it - just go see Stuart Buck or The Dodd or Hawspipe instead.

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