Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Pot-ential selling point

New research has shown that millions of years ago rich crops of marijuana grew wild in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. For millenia they grew and evolved, causing their THC deposits to grow ever more concentrated in the muck below. Over the years the waste slowly turned to oil. And nowadays it turns out that burning the oil from ANWR releases the THC in the smoke, and potheads are blissing out snorting car exhaust.

Yes, that's why indigenous people don't want us drilling up there. They don't want us running off with their stash. Why else do you suppose those Eskimos hung around up there all those years?

To my knowledge none of the above is true. But it might make a good news release before the next serious attempt to drill in the ANWR. Plant the story with Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, let them jawbone about it, and then all the Democrats will have to support drilling in ANWR just to oppose them.

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