Sunday, October 26, 2003

One black, white, and read all over

Thanks to Michelle Malkin for pointing us to this portrait of the NY Times Editorial Board. She also noted that all but one are white.

And guess which one isn't. Yep, the one for Education, Race and Culture. That's a good place for a token, just as in my experience HR departments are where the minorities are shuttled to help the numbers.

The Foreign Affairs guy is white. Hmm, aren't most of the people of the world "of color". Maybe this would be a good job for Condi Rice 5 years from now.

Ah, a white guy for Environmental and National Affairs. Race is a big issue, isn't it? And I hear there's such a thing as environmental racism. It seems like a nonwhite ought to be here too.

Law, Civil Rights and National Affairs? We'll give them half a point for a woman, but how can some honky understand Civil Rights? Doesn't Al Sharpton have something to say about this?

Alright, enough. Can we ask that the NY Times refrain from lecturing us on race issues and affirmative action until they have a few more minorities on their board?

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