Wednesday, October 16, 2002

No Blood for Oil!

You know, intelligent, responsible people have been awfully hard on some of these leftists and their protests about our involvement in the Middle East. But we have to try to appreciate their point of view, you know.

For instance, I've heard them say 'no blood for oil'. Admit it, it's a lousy idea. It can be slippery, but it's a lousy lubricant - after a while it gets all sticky and eventually it dries out. It doesn't keep well. It doesn't burn worth a hoot. It's more edible than petroleum, but it never really caught on in the US. When you cook it, it clumps up like plastic but it's no substitute for petroleum based products. And really, we ought to use it for plasma and transfusions instead.

Well, I suppose that's kind of a stupid interpretation. But what else could they mean? Surely they don't think that we'll accept oil shortages.

Has everyone forgotten about locking gas caps? Surely I'm not the only one who remembers what gasoline tastes like. What will people do if they can't get enough gasoline to get to work or get groceries?

We have some experience from the 70's. Long gas lines. Corruption. Violence. And the economy will go down the tubes.

My conclusion is that in fact there will be blood for oil. Our only choice is whose it will be, and where it will be shed.

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