Monday, October 14, 2002

Hands off my Boy Scouts

Stephen Spielberg has disassociated himself from the Boy Scouts of America. He doesn't like the policy of excluding gays.

Whatever the wisdom of this policy, the fact is that they have the right to screen their members and Scoutmasters as they see fit, and they should.

But no - gay groups have to harass the BSA over the policy. Good grief, how many Boy Scout aged boys have decided that they're gay, anyway?

Why don't these crusading groups just start an alternative to the Boy Scouts? Let their new organization practice don't-ask-don't-tell, or explicitly include gays, or be exclusively gay, or include both sexes, or whatever. Then let the parents and the boys decide if they want to join it instead of Boy Scouts.

If the project is a success, fine. But if it isn't, then it suggests that the Boy Scouts are only doing what their market is telling them to do.

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