Sunday, October 13, 2002

Be your own Dante

Sasha Castel posted this gem from someone who is offended by obesity. It starts with the guy complaining about the fat guy seated next to him on a plane and overflowing his seat (there's no record if he also blamed his corpulent neighbor for lousy service, bad food, laughable security and poor on-time performance). From there he goes on to tell us The Way Things Ought To Be, with fat taxes et al.

I guess we're lucky more of our vices don't leave such obvious signs behind. You can lie, cheat and steal all you want, but if you overeat and/or don't exercise enough, karma will not be denied.

There ought to be physical manifestations of other vices too. Say, if every time you lied, your tongue forked. Bill Clinton's would look like a French tickler. And according to certain women, he might like it that way.

We don't cut off the hands of thieves like certain other cultures, but it would be OK with me if their hands turned sticky and slimy. Shake hands with them and instantly you know what you're dealing with.

But I guess I'm straying into Dante territory. Which would be a good place to link to something I read recently which updated Dante's Hell, but I can't remember where it is. I don' t know what Dante did with airheads (but then I wouldn't, would I?).

Here's a chance for you to play Cosmic Karmic Enforcer. Give me a vice, and tell me how its practitioners should be labeled or where Dante should put them.

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