Sunday, October 13, 2002

Attack Iraq Now II

Some time back I wrote of the passing of a friend of mine to liver cancer. I've been to a few funerals, but I wasn't prepared for the difference between the 42 year old family man I had last seen at work 3 months earlier and what I saw in the casket. I got out of there fast.

This week's dead-tree Weekly Standard points to this letter in Slate (look for 12:47), about aflatoxin. Saddam has weaponized it.

He might well be the first to do so. Nobody else is fiendish enough to want it. After all, it's useless against soldiers - it doesn't kill fast enough. But it does induce liver cancer, especially in children. And Saddam's record against the Kurds, Iraqi Shiites and Iranians shows that he will use such measures, and enthusiastically.

Saddam has at least 2200 liters of aflatoxin. And according to the letter above, they had loaded aflatoxin into two warheads capable of being fitted on Scud missiles.

Of course you don't need Scuds. You just need some irredeemable mofos willing to spread it strategically in foreign countries. Maybe even in your back yard. Voila - genocide in a bottle.

The usual Hitler/Stalin/Mao/Idi Amin/Pol Pot/Kim Jong-Il epithets simply aren't adequate to describe this man. Take him out. Now.

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