Sunday, March 24, 2002

Was it worth it?

Channel surfing can be dangerous. A while back I saw something (it must have been MTV) where the MC was trying to get some girls to kiss a severed pig's head in front of a large crowd. I wasn't really paying much attention, but I thought one of them eventually did it for about $100.

What would you do for five bucks while stone cold sober? Would that happen to include, say, stripsearching 3rd graders?

I understand that the district has a policy against this. I suppose that's really proactive of them, but really, I wouldn't think you'd need a policy.

Now it looks like the ACLU may be getting involved. I wonder if they'd feel the same way if the kids were undressed in a sex ed class.

Aside: I got on Yahoo to look for a news link. I typed something like "stripsearch elementary kids" in the text box and submitted it, and it came back empty. Then I realized that I had entered that under job search..... Honest, Your Honor, the boxes are close together!

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