Thursday, March 28, 2002


From John McCaslin's column:
"During the filming of [Prince of Tides], Barbra Streisand apparently didn't endear herself to the locals.

"She rented one of the historic homes and promptly erected a 10-foot-high black fence, to deter the curious. Then, according to my carriage driver, around (6 a.m.) one morning she was awakened by the sounds of jets flying overhead from the nearby Marine air station (this being during the Gulf War).

"According to my guide ... Streisand then complained by phone to the local commanding officer and told him she didn't want it to happen again. He reportedly responded, 'I'll see what I can do about it.' The next morning the jets roared over at 5 a.m."
I'm no Barbra Streisand fan - I believe her mouth should be taped shut at all times when she isn't singing. But this, uh, exceeds my expectations.

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