Monday, March 25, 2002

Fun, fun, fun...

What follows is disgusting and maybe over the top. You were warned.

I've always been particularly and morbidly interested in Richard Speck, because I was a grade school kid in the Chicago media market when he made his name. Keep an eye on A&E and maybe you'll catch their "American Justice" segment on him.

What's so special about Speck? His killings? Aw shucks, by Chicago standards he's a piker compared to Murder Castle, the St. Valentine's Day Massacre and killer clown John Wayne Gacy. If he hadn't missed the 9th student nurse (who managed to hide under a bed despite being bound), he might have been able to get by with his night of brutal rape-sodomization-murders. As it was, he was caught and sentenced to death.

Then the Supreme Court decided that the death penalty was unconstitutional. Speck wound up getting life in prison.

From the earlier Speck link:
On May 1996, Bill Curtis, news anchor at CBS in Chicago, received a videotape. The video, shot in Statesville Correctional Institute, showed a bizarre, boastful Speck with women’s breasts–obviously from some hormone treatment–wearing blue silk panties and having sex with an inmate. Before the sexual exploit, he casually tells an off camera interviewer about the murders.
When asked why he killed the women he said, "It just wasn’t their night." He was asked how he felt about the killings, "Like I always feel. Had no feelings." He added he did not feel sorry. Throughout the video, he ingested and smoked drugs with bravado. At one point he said, "If they only knew how much fun I was having, they’d turn me loose." He described in detail how it felt to strangle someone "’s not like TV.... It takes over three minutes and you have to have a lot of strength
Some excerpts from this tape are shown on the American Justice episode. Among other things, you can see him with a huge wad of cash doing lines of cocaine.

You have to understand that that tape was made inside a maximum security prison. Incidentally, the Illinois Department of Corrections is often known as the Department of Corruption.

So what will happen to Andrea Yates? Will she have fun in prison too?

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