Monday, February 25, 2002


Douglas Turnbull is calling Dick Cheney a liar. Why?

What disturbs Mr. Turnbull is that Dick Cheney says the GAO is after his meeting minutes and notes, but the GAO specifically disclaims this. A GAO representative said this:
"The GAO long ago dropped its request for the minutes and notes of the vice president's meetings with people outside the government, as well as requests for any materials those individuals have given to Mr. Cheney," Gamboa wrote. "The GAO simply seeks the names of those he met in his capacity as head of the energy policy task force, when and where he met them, the subject matter of the meetings, and an explanation of the costs incurred."
Oh, now I understand. The GAO doesn't want the physical documents. It just wants the information on them. Bill Clinton couldn't have phrased it any better.

Mr. Turnbull, you owe Dick Cheney an apology.

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