Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Interesting stat

First off let me offer a caveat that the source of this statistic is not exactly disinterested. However, no matter what some might tell you, the truth is not determined by who speaks it. If anyone can disprove the following I'll be glad to address it later. There, is that enough distance?

Now, the quote:
...our coal burning is just a tiny fraction of all the burning of stuff done by the 6 billion people on the planet; perhaps one quarter of one percent of the total.

I hadn't really given it any thought, but somehow I would have estimated that coal burning accounted for more than just 0.25% of all burning. I'd like to know where they got the figure. They also don't say whether this is on mass, volume, carbon equivalent or other basis.

Unfortunately not all of the coal we burn generates power. Check this out.

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