Sunday, February 24, 2002

Channel surfing

In the background the TV is on MTV. But only because they have the SI swimsuit models strutting their stuff. It's all about the swimsuits of course...

One of the models was wearing one made of beer bottle caps. Another wore two bandaids and a cork. No, I made that up. The models seem to be spreading their legs more than they used to. But although the tops artfully disappear once in a while, they still seem to be wearing butt floss at all times.

Ah, now they're showing the suits the cover models wore going back clear to the 60's. One of them just bent over to low-five the crowd. Bad idea - only her quick reflexes kept gravity from trumping MTV's relaxed broadcast standards.

Cash in while you can, ladies, because it doesn't keep. Yesterday's E! show on Brigitte Nielsen showed that. She's still attractive, but not dazzling like she was. If you want to pick from that demographic, go with Bo Derek - she has more brains.

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