Monday, July 11, 2005

Nonlethal weapons are lethal

After the recent show of barbarism in the UK I'm not so sure I like this idea. Good grief, after all the silliness about Gitmo, next thing you know our troops in the field won't be permitted to kill anyone either. That might be a great concept for a movie like Terminator 2, but combine that with opposition to the death penalty and we won't be able to eliminate anyone no matter how much of a threat to society they are.

"But we can imprison and rehabilitate these people!" Yeah, right - don't even get me started. We can't execute people, in practice we can't keep them locked up (it's been alleged that the bombers in the UK had recently been released from Gitmo) - the minute technology permits, we won't even be able to kill people who are actively trying to kill us on a battlefield. If the aliens come a la "War of the Worlds", ten minutes later we'll have a lobby crying out for their rights.

Then again, we may not need murder anymore. Just incapacitate someone with one of these weapons while they're doing something dangerous and then let nature take its course. No marks, no other evidence left behind, no way to trace the shooter... And the opportunities for use in terrorism are unbounded.

Our only hope will be if our invaders are fetuses. Then we'll be permitted to dismember them, suck their brains out or otherwise destroy them in any way possible.

{edited for closer resemblance to literate English)

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