Monday, July 11, 2005

Close call

After the final dances by the finalists on DWTS, MC Tom Bergeron was introducing the judging segment with his usual patter.

The final dance for the finalists in DWTS was unique in that it was not restricted to a particular style. I don't know for sure who did the choreography, but presumably it was the professional half of each team. That would have been Charlotte Jorgensen for John O'Hurley and Alec Mazo for Kelly Monaco. As it happened, both dances had included segments where the woman grabbed the man's shoulders, jumped into the air and wrapped her legs tightly around his waist while leaning backwards.

I suppose the true aesthete sees such a positioning as pure Art. As for me, well, there's this thing called a "kneetrembler"...

Tom Bergeron, the co-MC, must have been thinking along similar lines. After the performers had finished and standing before the judges he went into his patter mumbling something about the parts of the show that would be on Pay per View. And just behind him you could see Charlotte Jorgensen swinging her hand at him as if to pop him upside the head.

These women are feisty, I'm telling you. Last week Ashly DelGrosso, Joey MacIntyre's partner, looked like she was about ready to go rounds with the judges when she and Joey were told that what they had done was "not foxtrot". But you don't insult the alligators until after you've crossed the river, and that week they were eliminated.

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