Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hero worship

Thomas Sowell can pack more good stuff into one column than anyone I know of.

From above:
Will even the bloody terrorist attacks in London put a stop to the media's hand-wringing because they don't think we have been nice enough to some of the cut-throats who are locked up in Guantanamo? The media have never shown any such interest in how prisoners are treated anywhere else on the island of Cuba, such as in Castro's prisons.
Now try to imagine Castro lying awake wondering "why do they hate me?"
There have always been people without judgment but this is the first era in which being non-judgmental is considered good -- though how anything can be considered good if you are non-judgmental is another puzzle.
Really. Similar logic applies to "tolerance".
The next time someone demands a timetable for the war in Iraq, ask them to name just one war -- anywhere -- that had such a thing.
"Alright, Roosevelt - if you're not in Tokyo in two weeks we're pulling out of the Pacific".
None of the people who said that Saddam Hussein was developing weapons of mass destruction -- and who said it before George W. Bush became President -- is accused of lying. Neither are foreign leaders or foreign intelligence services that said the same thing before or during this administration.
But of course there's nothing *partisan* about this.

Thank you Thomas Sowell, and here's hoping you're good for another 75 years.

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