Sunday, September 05, 2004

These guys too?

Alright, I've been slow on the uptake before. And I'll admit that I missed the live delivery of Zell Miller's speech at the RNC. I had read good reviews from the Republican side and bad from the rest, but that wasn't exactly a surprise.

Then I read Thomas Nephew and his cites of Ken Layne, Matt Welch and Matthew Yglesias and was astounded by the heat of the denunciations, such as 'The audience was so enthused by his frankly fascistic remarks that at any moment I thought the distinguished Senator might point up and say "see, there, right there is one of these unpatriotic liberal journalists busy abusing the freedoms our soldiers fight to protect -- he must be destroyed for the safety of the Republican" and that Matt Welch and I would need to fend for our lives against the onrushing hordes.'

Good grief, what kind of candyass do you have to be to fear a bunch of Republicans, anyway? And this after that human waste Michael Moore had escaped in one huge jiggling piece a couple nights before. What could Mr. Miller have said to deserve characterizations like "fascistic"?

I knew Yglesias had had too much Kool-Aid lately but until now I'd thought the others remained sane, so I read the speech myself.

Oh, that's it. He dared speak positively of the military, defending the flag, and fearing God. Horrors!

What happened to the left to send them so far off the deep end?

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