Sunday, April 11, 2004

The most annoying ad on TV

Yeah, I know - I shouldn't be watching it anyway. But until I break the habit I'm subject to seeing truly obnoxious ads, and this one in particular is the corker. Really - what would you do if you saw someone with that stupid expression all the time? Even that whistled song in the background is obnoxious.

"Natural male enhancement"? I thought it was just another Viagra knockoff, but this concoction alleges that it actually enlarges the penis.

Does it? Beats me. It's not a prescription drug and there have been no clinical trials, and I haven't tried it. But according to the company, the most improved men claim improvements of length and circumference totaling 4 inches. Hmm - maybe this is a personal problem, but I'm guessing that most of us would notice that.

How would it work, anyway? "Love muscle" is a figure of speech - exercises might change the angle of attack, but nothing else a partner will notice IMO. Weight loss would help though.

Highly localized fat deposits? I don't know how roadworthy that would be if it worked, and IMO anything could affect fat deposition with such precision would long ago have been adapted to breasts or butts.

Increased elasticity? Not unless you want to make mad love to Gumby. Buckling would become a problem at some point.

But hey, we're still free enough to indulge in such products if it suits us. The ingredients are listed in the article linked above, and don't appear to involve endangered animals. So I guess they're harmless enough.

After that I'm sure you're ready for more pelvic wisdom NWA style. You can start here and follow the links. Hey, at least you're not watching TV and that stupid commercial.

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