Sunday, April 11, 2004

Janet Jackson on SNL

Janet Jackson managed to contain herself last night on Saturday Night Live. The show started with her emulating Condoleezza Rice vs. the inquisitors - when she was asked a question she got all tense and then ripped open her dress to show her right bra cup and hollered "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!" (When did Ms. Rice testify - Thursday? This must have been a last-minute idea).

Then she showed some "home movies" during her monologue. One showed a little girl playing in a wading pool when suddenly the right side of her bikini top fell down. CNN has been repeating both of these clips, and I'm sure they're all around the web by now.

A later skit had to have been designed to needle the FCC. Jackson and others were touring a winery watching as the workers "soaked corks". They kept it up with about every, um, conjugation of the words and JJ broke character several times trying to make sure she said her lines right.

At one point two of the workers reminisced about the day when they learned they could soak each others' corks at the same time. Was it in 1968? No, it was '70. But it might have been earlier... I'm not sure why they stopped short, but it was clear that they had the FCC's number.

UPDATE: I must have missed part of it - see this.

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